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Mac 250 Lubrication + Firmware


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Hi Everyone,

I fixed up some Mac 250 Kryptons not long ago but I've just read up about the lubrication for them and the guide states that only silicone lubricant should be used.. I used Carlube Lithium based grease for the base lubricaion and for one of the focus mechanisms. I'm wondering if this may pose a problem in future or has anybody else done the same and been fine? They have been working perfectly since (So Far...)


My other question is, does anybody have or know someone who has an interface, around the stockton-on-tees/north east area, to update the firmware?


Thanks in advance!



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You might find the grease cooks and hardens and makes the operation sticky on the bits that get hot.


I don't know if lithium grease is likely to attack the materials used.


It actually looked like it had happened before to whatever was used previously as I was scraping off what looked like dried wax.. Would silicone lubricant do the same or is that your point?

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That's my point - silicone lubricant, of the correct type as specified by Martin, should resist the effects of the heat far better and not turn into a hard gum that jams the mechanisms.


Ok, thanks for your reply. Do you think it would be best to take the other grease off and replace? or should I leave it until it hardens as I'm not sure I'll be able to totally get the carlube grease off?

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