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Chamsys MagicQ-PC Stadium


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I've just been having a play with the latest beta version of MagicQ-PC which now has the MQ1000 Stadium feature set.


So far, I'm liking what I have found; apart from being even more jealous of anyone who can afford the full bloodied console of course. http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif


Have any other regular users had a play yet?

In particular I would be interested in hearing comments from anyone who is using a Full HD touchscreen with MagicQ (if anyone is?).

The new panel layouts are optimised for 1920x1080 (naturally as the console has 2 such screens) and leave a lot to be desired on my current laptop and external touchscreen (1366x768 & 1280x1024) which is now making me seriously consider upgrading the laptop to an all-in-one PC with a Full HD screen.

Something like this...



Or upgrade my laptop to This and add an additional decent size touch monitor like This ?

Or the all-in-one with the additional monitor.


Hmmm, decisions decisions.


Any thoughts?

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I suggest you to wait... stadium panel is in early stage... see if you really need before upgrading...

I'm waiting for my new 22" monitors for the office and I'll test it...


True enough, please do post your thoughts once you have had a play.


My current laptop is getting a little long in the Tooth now so it is no problem looking into it's replacement. It just so happens that the new features in MagicQ mean it makes sense to move to something Full HD.


Even with the extra workspace offered I would like to retain the dual touch screen setup.


I'm thinking of getting a new touchscreen monitor first and look at replacing the old laptop later on

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I almost went for a new 23" touch monitor but then a refurbished dell 2350 all-in-one pc came up at a bargain price, so guess what I'm expecting to be delivered today?


As to the stadium features, as used on magicq-pc; there is some really funky stuff going on there. This is just the first beta so early days but showing lots of promise.


The current beta doesn't support pcwing with the stadium panel but fingers crossed that will be introduced in later versions.


For now I just need to decide what to do about flightcasing everything. My current system is in a custom foamed peli case, I'm sure I could modify it easily if I swap the dell for my laptop and elo monitor but initially I think I will keep the old system as is and box the dell seperately.

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A bit of an update for anyone who is interested.


The Dell all-in-one was pretty much perfect except it was obviously large and it was also surprisingly heavy.


The size and performance worked really well and it was a joy to use; both with the new stadium panel and the older views. Unfortunately it had an intermittent fault on the touch screen where occasionally it would start ghost triggering rapid touches on the screen (always the same spot) rendering it useless as a show machine. It was returned to the seller.


I considered getting another one but have just decided to go for the 17" dell laptop instead. Mainly because the laptop will still fit in my existing peli case even if I upgrade my 17" elo monitor to a 23" dell at a later date.


Once that has arrived and I've had a play I will comment on my thoughts.



Anyone else using MagicQ-PC want to comment on their pros/cons of their own setup?

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The dual HD screen setup is a joy to use. Even though the Stadium panel is in early beta stages it is working very well; loving the ease of setting layouts.


It would be a great option to mix screens between full stadium and panel stadium, hopefully that will eventually become an option.


The 17" touch screen is just about big enough for the stadium panel view although I tend to use the mouse to hit on-screen panel buttons. The 23" is perfect for using everything with touch.


Looking forward to what the next few updates bring. :)



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