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Ambient Sound FXs


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I am looking to try and find some free to use ambient sound effects on the web, including things like a pub, a science laboritory, birds singing etc.. Anyone know where I might be able to download them?



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It is for a little Ameture production being done by some friends of mine.. and as such I don;t have access to any resources like that.. :-( Unless someone wants to mp3 some tracks for me.. Although I don;t know the legality of that!!



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Although I don;t know the legality of that!!


When you purchace the BBC Sound Effects CD's (apx £45 ea.) you are paying a certain amount on each CD for the rights to use the recorded effects.


The BBC Essential sound effect range, was a reasonably priced smaller range of sound effects which IIRC has permission for you to use for personal use only.


I don't know about the legalities of using the CDs from the library without purchasing the permissions.


You might be better to use one of the online sound effects libraries, eg.




wheras you can preview pay if you like then douwnoad sound effects on an indervidual basis - you then get to use the effect royalty free.



Alternitavly, pick up a portable Dat / MD and a mic and record them yourselves. ;)





I couldn't see Peter's post when I started mine!

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HA HA Beat you to it...;-)


;) ;) Now, Now, No one likes a smarty pants


(well I did have four times as many lines to type, and I was suposed to be working at the time.....)

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