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Strand 200 plus LED fixture profile


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Hi all,


I've just finished a set up in a new school venue with (amongst others) 6 low budget RGB PARCans controlled by a Strand 200 plus. The RGB Cans' DMX profile is as follows:

1: Dimmer

2: Red

3: Green

4: Blue

5: Strobe

6: Control


All the standard RGB profiles I could find (all 1 of them) start with red on channel 1, so those don't work. Building a custom profile with dimmer on 1 creates the dimmer channel as an attribute channel, meaning that to get any light coming out of the fixture, you need the playback fader assigned to the fixture and the attribute fader up. This kind of works but is pretty clumsy and also not great if you then want to use strobe (also classified as an attribute).


Is there any way to assign the fixtures 1st channel to the fixture's fader (to control the intensity with the fader meant to control intensity) or is the work around I have the only way to make it work?


Thanks in advance. Any help is really appreciated.

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