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Input artnet to Magicq


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I'm using Chamsys MagicDMX with MagicQ and simple Par-4 channels led, that I would like to control with MAX/MSP.


As far a I know the best way to make them communicate is through Art-net via UDP and I can send Art-net commands from MAX/MSP. But I'm not sure how to configure MagicQ for that, does someone knows how to do that?


Thank you



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Yes, I'm trying to use MagicQ MAX>Artnet>DMX.



I played around in the I/O screen and the 'Network' screen, trying different configuration and I got to the point that I set MagicQ and my Mac with the same IP address ( and as the subnet mask. In MAX/MPS I tested Artnet (using imp.DMX object) and managed to get and received Artnet commands. the object asks for: IP (that I put, Universe (0 as its shown in MagicQ's I/O screen) and subnet, which there it asks for some number between 0 and 15, and I cant find similar parameter in MagicQ.


How do I get from MAX to MagicQ?

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The manuals and FAQs aren't very clear on what functionality is disabled in MagicQ when not connected to a hardware wing or console but I think ArtNet is disabled in the free version. It certainly says that you cannot use ArtNet to trigger playbacks in MagicQ if only using a dongle.


I spent a long time head scratching trying to get two laptops with MagicQ to talk to one another, only to discover that all remote control is disabled unless you have the dual universe USB box or something more expensive ('something blue' as my supplier refers to them). As soon as we bought a PC wing everything starts working and I don't regret spending the money. Slightly annoying they don't list everything that is disabled and make it more well know as I know many others havebeen similarly perplexed.



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All remote control of MagicQ is limited to MagicQ being run out of 'demo mode', this includes iOS/Android remotes, remote playback triggering etc.

However you can take input via network (Artnet, ACN etc) and output this directly to an interface e.g MagicDMX, MagicQ Wing or console outputs.

For anyone with a MagicDMX dongle this gives users a simple backup Artnet - DMX converter for the single MagicDMX universe via MagicQ.


Once you've got your IP address setup in MagicQ (setup > view settings > network)

Under the DMX I/O window use the In Type and In Uni to specifying the incoming artnet universe to the MagicQ console universe, then set the 'out type' column to how you'd like to output that information e.g. MagicDMX.

The only other change is to then set the 'test' field to Input for that universe.


By default when entering Artnet universes up to 15 these will default to subnet 0. you could enter something like 2-5 for subnet 2 uni 5.


Hope that helps.



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