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Technical Theatre Apprenticeship - IQA

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There are probably a number of members who could do this, but all the job ads for this post (and I've even had a few via email myself) are very vague on hours and money, and what exactly the job is? From the ads I've seen I think you're looking for a part time person to work term time for between £10 and £20 per hour just as an assessor? Lots of very good people could be interested if it's anything other than a fixed time slot each week. In the past, similar jobs were put up where they wanted somebody every monday morning for two hours, then wednesday afternoon for two hours, then Friday for another slot - essentially wrecking a weeks work, and these never seemed to get much response. Other jobs were very much as and when - so maybe nothing for three weeks, then a day, then nothing, then a couple of days - and these seemed to work better for professionals.


Either way - I'd suggest you post some rough guidelines as to likely time commitment and actual hours - this will put off a few, and perhaps attract others.


I've been offered a few similar things in the area I live, but turned them down because the commitment was very regular, but very few hours, and that for me made it impossible to consider?

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