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It occurs to me that some of the group's denizens probably/certainly have access to one of MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, and ICQ instant messengers. So, I figure, why not exchange a few? I've got, believe it or not, 200 people on my list as it stands, and a couple more are always welcome ;)


Anyway, to start the ball rolling if anyone wants to add me feel free:


MSN nick@spaced-out.org.uk

AOL nickleespaced

YAHOO nickleespaced

ICQ 17633460



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kirkup_xp@hotmail.com - my list is full however, so I can't add any more - unless anyone knows of a way of adding more than 150 using MSN6?

Delete the ones you haven't talked to in +6 months? There is always one of those on your contact list!



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