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Selecon LED Profile and Fresnal


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Have used both the fresnels and spots on shows in a studio situation. They compare favourably with a 500w most of the time. I've only really used the fresnels as backlight washes and found them to be pretty punchy through a range a colours. The spots do an amazingly crisp gobo projection. The main drawback is that they are not particularly well calibrated over different units, so you may find yourself doing a fair amount of tweaking of colour palettes to get a uniform colour.
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We have got 14 of them: 5 x PLCYC1, 6 x PLFRESNEL1 and 3 x PLPROFILE1. In our very intimate environment they work really well. When we did a shootout between the profile and an Acclaim 650W, the tungsten was brighter until a colour of about L111 where they were very close. The darker the colours the more impressive they are. However, they do give perfectly good whites and face tints (but less bright than an equivalent tungsten) and for quick change shows, like our 10x10 competition coming up where we do 10 short plays in 2 days they are especially useful. As far as fan noise is concerned, our audience sits a few feet under some of the lighting bars so noise is critical to us (we do mainly plays). We limit fan speed to 50% after which the LED will dim every so slightly but you can't see this visually. At 50% you can just about hear a slight hum close up.


Colour quality using RGBW is good and you can get a very wide range of colours out of them. Philips warned us that we might have to tune the colours between units, but so far that hasn't been necessary but might be more of an issue as they get older, Incidentally it was exactly 1 year since we bought the first 13 yesterday! There are some photos of them in use for our recent ballet on my ALD site (for 100% accuracy this also includes a number of LEDJ LEDs and a pair of Lanta LEDs as well as a conventional tungsten rig) and for a recent play here where all the colour was by the Selecon LEDs. We took our Selecon LEDs to a much larger venue to add to the resources for a musical but I still don't have photos of that to show you - suffice to say the resident tech would have held onto them, especially the cyc units, given the opportunity.


The profile has a very precise focusing, much better than an Acclaim (although same lenses). The fresnels give a very soft light but a good sharp barndoor edge. The cyc units cover at least as well as Codas or HUIs from the same distance (obviously for light tints the latter are brighter).


They are more expensive than conventionals, but a lot less than LEDs from ETC which are a lot more sophisticated. There are larger venue models of the PL1 cyc and profile available, but I haven't used those and they are more expensive. They are cold in operation, which has surprised some of our actors standing under them. Oh the profiles project laminate absolutely stone cold, so you can quickly make custom gobos with a decent printer.


We are a small low grid venue and they work for us as a complement to our tungsten lanterns, but that doesn't mean they will for you. They have also been used for Edinburgh fringe in the C venues in recent years where they were effectively field tested before and after first ship.


Contact your local dealer and get up close and personal to some, or get them in to try them out in your venue if you are interested - or come and visit us in Winchester!

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OT slightly, but last week I used for the first time ETC's Source4 LED profile - both the Mk1 and new Mk2 2.


I really like them. Have to say, particularly with the Mk 2's, there's not much in it between the tungsten and the LED. Rob wrote up a great review of the unit in this months LSI and he's spot on. (no pun intended)


The unit does take a few moments fiddling around setting it up on the menu to 'perform' how you want it to, but other than that it behaves and nearly looks just like a source4 profile!


I also love the immediate 'focus' button to enable focusing without the need for someone on the desk or carrying a tablet around with you.


An integrated wireless solution would be good to reduce having upto 4 cables on each light. (DMX & powercon in/out)


As soon as the price drops a bit, Im sure more people will have them in their venue. . . .

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