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Rasha RGBWA movers question


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A while ago I got some Stagg Headbangers (& Rasha non-branded clones from Ali-Baba) as a cheap and cheerful LED wash mover. I then subsequently got another Rasha variant that was slightly more expensive but had Amber as well. It bench tested fine so I bought a second one which was also ok.


Then... events got in the way and six months later I have returned to dabble some more with them for use at a forthcoming event. I have hacked up a crude template for them but they are a bit more elaborate functionality-wise than the Headbanger, having a movement fade speed on channel 5 and a(n annoying) combined master dim and strobe on channel 6. (they are a 14 channel DMX attribute for 16 bit movement).


Anyway, to cut to the chase, does anyone know a branded name for these heads that might already be defined in MagicQ? They look just like the Headbangers but have 5 larger 15W LED units in the head instead of the 7 10W ones. (Guangzhau possibly make them, I also found something similar online called a FLASH LED that was RGBW+UV but Chamsys don't have it in their FLASH product list).


Failing that, I'll ask Chamsys or work it out the hard way!

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