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chauvet haze 2d remote controller

norman bonus

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Hello Everyone,


This is my first post on this forum and I'm very hopeful there is someone out there who can help me. Due to an "accident" with a wheeled flightcase and the din plug end of the remote controller for our chauvet haze 2d we have lost the use of the said item. The band member in question cut off the offending length of cable containing the din plug and disposed of it. I'm now unable to solder a new 5 pin din plug on because I cant use a multimeter and check which wire goes to which pin. Can anyone help me please, I've contacted Chauvet and they say its a molded plug and cant be fixed " bo**ocks" is my reply, they're just wanting to sell me a new controller !


Looking forward to any suggestions



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I have a Hurricane Haze 2d,and strangely enough, I've just wired a long 5 pin din cable as an extension for the controller.


So in terms of on the Din, you're looking at the ground/shield wire going onto the central pin 3. Then your hot and cold are 1 on each side of the central ground pin, so 2 and 4. I'm not sure which way round, I'd assume hot to 2, I don't know what colour wires you have on your controller offcut, but I shouldn't have thought that a bad combination will do anything damaging so if it doesn't work, reverse 2/4

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