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4ch DMX Dimmer packs - Triacs

Ashley R

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I have read many a time before about the triacs going on these bog standard 4ch DMX Dimmer packs out of china when lamps blew etc.


well it seems like in a few of mine, they have gone, and I vaguely remember something about being able to spec more higher grade triacs, so this won't happen again?


Does anyone have any sort of part number if such a thing exists?




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You can put in triacs with a higher current rating, which makes them less likely to fail when a lamp blows.

However some triacs are "sensitive gate" and you need to know whether yours are. Do you know the part number for the triacs which are currently fitted?

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Hello Ashley

I usually put BTA41-600B (41 amps)into small dimmers as I like a ratio of 4 times the maximum load current, there are three things to check

Make sure the replacement has an insulated tab to make it easier to mount on a heatsink

Make sure it can mechanically fit as the 16amp triacs are TO220 BTA16-600B and the higher current ones are TOP3 case BTA41-600B

Make sure the gate current are similar so you can still turn it on. The two data sheets show the gate currents are compatible.


The cases have mounting or heatsinks for the smaller triacs, so you will need to work out how to mount the larger triacs. You may need to extend the leads to the triac leads, so you can mount the larger triac onto the side of the case.

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