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RF Spectrum scan data available for all


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I have been saving my RF spectrum scans and dating them. Thought that it was time to share them. Additionally, other users have contributed scans.

The TTI PSA series Spectrum analyzer and the Rhode & Schwartz FSH3 can capture the spectrum as CSV files. These files can be loaded into frequency coordination software to display where TV stations are using their channels and how powerful the signal is, especially from Inside a venue. This map shows where the scans were done. In some locations several have been done - zoom in to see them separately. Each pin has venue information and either CSV or Zip file links to get the scan files. At the bottom of this page there are separate buttons for each file if this map does not display correctly for you.


I am about to tour Mexico, Australia and Europe and will be adding info as I go. Please feel free to contribute scans following the instructions on the page. I will include them with credit for your work. Thank you in advance.



This is the page with the collection so far: Spectrum venue scans



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I'd be interested to see a spectrum scan of the Great Hall in Alexandra Palace, London, to work out what the hell was going on a couple of months back when I did a show there - radio mic channels plagued with interference/drop-outs, wireless comms unusable (common issues according to the house tech guys - the venue is fairly notorious for RF issues). I know there is still a fair bit of TV transmission kit operating next door, and I'd be interested to see a visual representation of what's floating around.
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I have added a few more scans as well as pins where I will be through March 2015 in Australia and Europe as future scans. Ryan Stotts and John Sulek, also active RF coordinators in the US and Canada have added their work.


Ryan has a link to his site where he explains how to use the R&S to get CSV files.


I would love to have Scans from all coordinators. See the page for info. Please include a short bio and the eMail address where you are best contacted.


Scans around the world

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