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Vari*Lite DMX200 - Wanted


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Hello -


I have a hobbyist collection of Series 200 gear. I am looking for a DMX200 unit so that I can run the gear with a more modern console.


Also, I have a Smart Repeater that I will not likely need - would be willing to trade or sell.


Best regards

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I have a collection of VL200 kit that I might be prepared to part with, from memory:


Circa 10-12 VL2c, lamped, complete, working when last fired up

circa 10 VL2c complete / nearly complete, but need work

head cable

truss box ( 9 head) with trunk cable

Mini ACS rack, working

DMX200 working

truss clamps

some spare HTI600 lamps

8 or so flightcase foam inserts.


As im sure you can imagine, a lot of the worth is in the DMX200, as without it, your stuck. Therefore I would only be prepared to dispose of the above lot complete - or on the understanding that anything you don't want shipped would be disposed off this end to save shipping costs.


Please let me know what the DMX200 or the above lot is worth to you - chris@impulseaudio.co.uk

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