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Cat5 - recent reccomendations please


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Hi all


Looking for updated recommendations for a suitable cat5/5e/6 whatever cable for use with an X32/s16.

Done a search but was wondering if there are any newcomers that haven't been mentioned before?


Fully assembled with Ethercon, on a drum or loose cable (I'm not afraid to DIY), use will be light to medium being used by myself only and deployed approx 4 times/month (function band).


Ideally looking to spend <£1/metre and looking for either 50 or 75m (undecided at the moment), have seen the various offerings from Thomann - this one looks good but not sure if it's screened (awaiting email from them). Anyone used this?

Looked also at Canford - more pricey @£1.32/M link


Thanks in anticipation of your suggestions.

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remembering that this is their own protocol and not a standard network, behri's spec is contained in their s16 manual not the x32 manual - I think historically no one knew what did and didn't work and why

(interesting video on youtube able inappropriate ends and popping sounds when kit grounds.)

there spec now says:

shielded cat5e cables only

ethercon terminated ends

maximum length 100m


incidentally I have heard of plenty using the klark teknik repeater if you need to extend beyond 100m


shielding is a must - all sorts of problems seem to occur on a 'sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't' basis without shielding.


I have seen several others say that they use cat6 without an issue.


the thomann cable linked to is a new one on me but if you click on the spec sheet link it does say it is shielded. as does the review in german. it's the only complete cable I have seen that would meet the budget - but that in itself makes me twitchy.


the thomann cable I have seen many mention and use is this one:

http://www.thomann.de/gb/pro_snake_8838550.htm and is normally considered a budget cable by x32 users.


the other cable that gets rave reviews from across the pond is rapco horizon duracat but the thomann above is the only one I have experience of. (75m version)

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can you keep us posted - I would have some interest in knowing how well the cable does - look out for pops if it doesn't earth and jump up and down on it to check how it responds to foot traffic if you are prepared to - inferior cable (I am told) creates the same pop when jumped or walked on.
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