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Off Air Recording


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Hi guys,


This might not be the correct place to ask but I work in a school where they record educational TV programmes then burn to DVD to be played in classrooms.


They have all the appropriate licences to perform this and currently use a Panisonic digital tuner with built in hard drive and DVD burner. This is an old unit and is failing more and more these days.


It would be easy to replace this with a standard PVR and separate DVD recorder but the dubbing between the two would be in real time, whereas the current system will dump recordings to a DVD in a matter of minutes.


I am seeking your help with any knowledge of a similar up-to-date system where recordings can be transferred quickly and the PVR part will support a series link. Ideally a USB connection where PVR files can be transferred to a memory stick for playback on a standard Windows based computer would be great too.


I have a Digitalstream PVR at home and it's really good, although it uses Linux on USB devices so they won't work on a Windows machine.


Many thanks in advance.

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The best answer depends on the level of expertise of the person making the recordings.


Panasonic still have a current model pvr/blu-ray recorder which will do the job except for the Usb bit.


At home I use Windows 7 Media Center with a 4 tuner tv card, which will do everything you want but needs a bit of technical faffing sometimes. It records in wtv format which will play on another w7 or w8 pc but not on anything else. To burn to dvd I use nero which transcodes the files.

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