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I'm currently working on a show in which we are using pandora to create led videos.


To run pandora I am planning on setting it up so the ion can programme everything which makes it a lot easier.


To avoid any artnet in house comparability issues we are touring an ion which will, as I said run pandora, and generics. I'm touring to venues in which we can use DMX rather than artnet.


However, can the ion run both DMX and artnet at the same time?


I'm a little confused. At the moment I've only had one or the other going but inwanted to check before going down a painful road...



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I'm not an ION or an ETC user at all, but using common logic I'd say yes, this is a possibility, as long as your bind your universes to the correct outputs.


The one thing to be careful of is how many channels your media device will take up from your console, although I see you are only planning on running generics at this particular time.

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I see no reason why not - you should be able to configure DMX out over artnet and using the standard DMX ports.


Of course if you are in any doubt about compatibility you can always tour a DMX node and do it that way. But I know of no reason that it can't send some DMX one place and some to another.


As a side note - with it being quite a technical question - you will in future get better responses if you include more specifics in the thread title. Calling it "networking ETC ion over artnet" will attract more qualified responses than simply "networking" which could mean anything from setting up wifi in your house to going out for a beer at PLASA.

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