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Multi Channel TecPro Wiring

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Hi All,


I'm looking for some advice on wiring some TecPro boxes for multi channel operation. My first question is; when wiring a second/third channel into a box I'm guessing that I still need to add the power across the new connectors so that if circuit 1 is removed the box still draws power from circuit 2/3?


Adding to that, if I wire an 'out' to each of them and circuit 1 looses power.... won't the cross wiring from my new circuit 2/3 connections re power the rest of circuit 1? does that make sense?


And finally, and probably the most challenging of the questions. On a dual channel pack I can select which channel(s) to speak listen on. Can I do this on a multichannel loudspeaker station? ie, could I put a wire link into between channel 1 & 2 into the channel 4 connector? so that when selected I hear both channels or speak to both? I remember some boxes had a 1, a 2 and a 1+2 label? at some point and wondered how I could replicate this on a speaker station?


All a bit of a challenge but any advice would be helpful.





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