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SSL Live Training Courses


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Hello Everyone,


I'm happy to announce that 1 Day training courses for the SSL Live console are now available, starting in September.


Dates are:

17/18 September

1 / 2 October

5/6 November


You can find the application form here: http://store.solidstatelogic.com/forms/live-training


Looking forward to seeing some of you in Oxford at some point this year.

Many thanks,


Jason Kelly

Product Manager - Live

Solid State Logic

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Hello Everyone,


You reminded me to go and look again and I found you have an offline editor. However you require a internet transaction with an SSL logic account in order to install it. Please could you review this requirement as it's a major issue due to not being able to always guarantee that an internet connection will be available at all when the offline needs to be installed on a machine and many 'show' network machines intentionally not having any internet access.

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