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db-Mark DP48IV


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Morning all, I bought one of these units last year, the build quality is very good and it sounds great too for a reasonable price, It's not a KT 9048 but as I didn't have a spare 3k laid around it's a reasonable substitute.

I was aware that being from China the UK service would be flakey and was a gamble but I had seen a few of these units in use in some venues. My Problem started 2 hours before a gig yesterday, after checking the patches I had programmed a while ago I added a few more for some more boxes all was fine then I shut down and left it for a while, came back to test my bi amped monitors before a gig and found the unit had decided it had password protection and completely locked me out I can't unmute or edit anything, including via the PC software. I am hoping somewhere out there in Blue room Land someone will know How to do a factory reset or how to flash new firmware in an attempt to trash the password. I tried contacted the guy I bought it off Unfortunately he passed away earlier this year so I'm a little in Limbo at the moment.

Is there anyone out there can help or point me in the right direction.



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I'm guessing you got it from forteaudio (Tony wilkes)?


The other distributor for db mark products in the UK is the speakerplans member bee, it may be worth sending him a message on there and seeing if he can help at all

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