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Robe Club Spot 250CT


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Hi guys, This is my first post on this forum, After finding many useful answers to my questions through google! I have decided to register and be able to have some input into some peoples problems and queries and also hopefully be able to get some of my own answered which is what I am hoping for now.


I have recently taking over the lighting and sound in a club in Hull.


I am having trouble with the Robe Club Spot 250CTs that are in there. The ones on the rig only had one working. I replaced the ignitor in the one that wasn't working and once I struck the lamp Via ShowCad, It suddenly came to life and lamped the lamp on pretty much straight away. The only problem is that after 30 seconds or so the lamp was blowing. I replaced them twice with brand new lamps out of boxes and the same has happened both times I have struck the lamps.


I am now beginning to wonder if it is the ballast that is causing me the problems, I have replacements for these but obviously I don't want to be replacing them if they don't seem to be the problem.


Any advice on these would be great.




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Are you touching the lamps at all ?


what brand lamps are you using ? although they have the same specs as others they may not be suited for the fixture these are suited ones: Osram HSD 250/80, Philips MSD 250/2, Sylvania BA 250/2 SE


could be a faulty ballast, check the voltage with the lamp on if you can


may be incorrect voltage and frequency settings ? check them


have you replaced with the correct ignitor ?



It most likely sounds that it is a ballast problem as they usually will blow after being over volted or unde volted


check the things I've stated and if none are any help email robe and they should be able to tell you all the problems that would cause a lamp to pop after 30 seconds


Alec, :)

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