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phillips MSD 250/2 gone cloudy


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Hi all,


One of my lamps in one of my mac 250's has 220 hrs use and has gone cloudy and the light output has massively decreased. It is a Phillips MSD 250/2 lamp.

Its the bubble in the middle that has clouded I tried to add a photo but it wouldn't let me


why has it gone like this is it to do with the striker ?


Is this a sign that it is about to blow ?


surely it should last a lot longer than 220hrs more like 2000hrs



Thank you

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Are you sure it's only done 220 hours?


You do get lamps with flaws in their envelopes that causes rapid expansion and aging, although I can't say I've ever seen it on an MSD250.


With the lamp running, are you able to check the voltage across the ballast?


All the best


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The clouding is normally a result of age and is an indication that it is about to blow but the problem can be caused by other things. If you try swapping the lamp to another fixture you might well find that the clouding clears up. If so, it is a fault with the fixture, could easily be something simple but I am no technician.
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