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compulite whisper 12" address switches


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Hi everyone,

I have some compulite whipers 12" mounted on some 5k, and many of them have problems working the address given.

We constantly have to change address.

There is probably a problem with the address switches.

Have you ever repaired them, so that you know the type or model to change, or any other way to repair them?

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It sounds as though the switches have got some fluff in them, are worn out, or you've cooked the unit by hanging it off a 5kW lamp. The Whisper 12" is only meant for 2kW fixtures. Compulite do produce a scroller for 5kW fixtures which probably has more fans in to keep everything cool :rolleyes:


Anyway, how old are your scrollers? We've got some very old Whisper scrollers and they use three rotary BCD switches to set the address. If yours use the same type of witch then it should be a fairly straightforward job to swap them over. Some soldering will be required, but it shouldn't be too hard if the switches are through-hole types. If you don't feel confident doing this, then there are companies that specialise in board-level repairs to theatrical lighting equipment.

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