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Electrotechnical Assessment Scheme

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In 2002 the Government published its proposals for bringing electrical safety within the scope of the Building Regulations.


Within the proposals it emerged that such an initiative would probably be too costly without a new system of competent electrical firms able to self-certify their work.



Since 1999 the Government has encouraged the industry and other related bodies to develop a national system of competent firms. This work has been carried out by a Working Group of the EILLC (Electrical Installation Industry Liaison Committee), and resulted in the development and piloting of the Electrotechnical Assessment Scheme (EAS).


Following the successful completion of the pilot, the ownership and management of the EAS was taken over by the IEE, and is administered by the EAS Management Committee.


The EAS Management Committee has made representation to Government that the EAS should form the minimum requirement for the technical competence standard for self-certification schemes authorised to achieve compliance under Part P of the Building Regulations.



Since ABTT,PLASA,PSA to my knowlege have not participated in the scheme, the entertainment industry once again lags behind the rest.


The introduction of the scheme is the ideal time to get our sector and it's requirements on the map as an A1.X subsection.


Any comments?




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