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Line level audio over Cat5


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I'll expand on my statement. What you say is often not problematic as the multicore has individually screened pairs which reduces crosstalk between pairs and external interference when compared to a UTP Cat5 which has 4 pairs in close proximity with no shielding at all.


We don't know what the OP is trying to send to & from. Some lower-end mixers have "impedance balanced" outputs (generally on TRS from Aux outputs etc) which aren't really balanced at all. Running a signal like that down a long Cat5 is not something I would recommend.


"Impedance balanced" is balanced. You do not need symmetrical audio for a balanced audio circuit to reap the benefits of increased noise immunity associated with balanced audio. The reduction in noise happens at the balanced INPUT where any induced noise appears on both wires, and is cancelled out in the input circuit. All that requires is that the 2 wires have the same impedance to signal ground.


The shield only provides rejection of RFI, it does not improve crosstalk, which is controlled by the twist of the audio pair. Generally CAT cable has better controlled twist than mic cable, with higher category numbers having better controlled twist.



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