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Advice on Screen and Projector


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Hi Guys


I`m after a bit of advice if you can help.


Ive been asked to spec , supply & Install a Projector and Manual Screen for a Bar to show The World Cup.


They have asked for a 10FT screen and projector to show SD TV in a reasonably dark environment.


Can anyone recommend a Model of projector they have installed recently and a good budget screen they have also used personally.

I would like to use CPC if possible


A projector with a reasonably short throw would be ideal as projection distance is very limited


Video is not my specialist subject so any help you can give is greatly appreciated.


The Budget is ideally £700 - £1000ish....

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Being honest, at that kind of budget, it may work out more cost effective to either:


1) Use Amazon or whatever to buy the biggest domestic flatscreen TV you can find; or

2) Speak to a local hire company and see if they will hire you something (possibly a little 'behind the times') for a fixed price for the entire world cup.


Or of course, tell the pub that's a ridiculous budget for such a thing and they need to do something more sensible. If you've got to do a projector and screen from new (and the install?) for that kind of money you will end up with a toy. Push them for more money - look at the economics - large screen in the pub could be the difference between 20 people sat around a TV and 100 around a projector screen.They could afford more, the problem is sometimes that they just don't know what things cost. If you just take that budget as standard and say yes to everything, you will supply something fairly dump and they will wonder why you hadn't just asked for more money.

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Just chuck up a couple of Plasmas on the walls, less likely to be obstructing a wall and means more people will be able to see the screens without moving. Plus, if the sun does ever make an appearance, the screen doesn't get totally washed out!



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Or of course, tell the pub that's a ridiculous budget for such a thing and they need to do something more sensible.

Or, if you have lots of personal experience of buying projectors, you'll know that you can just get on with the job in hand. You can easily get 3000+ lumens for <£500 these days; it should be perfectly manageable within that budget.

The last 30 or so projectors I've bought have all been Hitachi; looks like CPC's offerings are mostly BenQ and NEC so I can't offer any recommendations of any of their specific models. If they only need SD, you can go for an SVGA model rather than the more common XGA which will keep the price down; make sure you explain this to them though should they ever want to connect a higher resolution source. Other than that, go for the highest lumen rating that you can, ensure it has the right connectivity (presumably just composite video but if their TV receiver has S-video or even component, that would be the way to go instead) and check the lens to ensure it'll fit with the right throw in the install. This is a really useful site for checking throws vs. screen sizes.


Edit to add: Try to get a spare lamp within the budget (unless you manage to get an LED projector) - a failed lamp on a critical day within the world cup would, I suspect, be considered a bad thing.

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Shez is right, you can do it for that budget. However 3000 lumens on a 10ft screen will be a bit on the dim side, I'd try and get a 4000 lumen one if you can. There's some out there for under £700.


I would not go to CPC for the projector, they are not the cheapest. Try projectorpoint.co.uk or one of the many other internet suppliers.


Don't get an LED projector, they are currently much dimmer than a conventional projector of the same price.

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I'd recommend one of these, it's within your budget and leaves some room for the screen and your time. I've had one at home (and get taken out for smaller things when there isn't much of a budget) and it will do what your wanting. But as said before sun light really does destroy any projection (it wouldn't matter if you installed a 20k in there) But it's been in my living room which only had semi opaque blinds and on all but the sunniest of days the image was still readable, just.


http://www.ebuyer.com/543061-3500-lumens-xga-resolution-dlp-technology-meeting-room-projector-2-75k-9h-j6e77-13e (other suppliers are available possibly at a better price)

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