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Old Skool Amp


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Sorting out the garage loft and tested this for the first time in a couple of years...








I DJ'd with this and a pair of 2 x 12s for quite a few years back in the early 80s and still keep it as a back up today as it has never failed !!

It's a pair of Maplin power amp modules and the sound quality is excellent, other than the fact it is only 110w per channel into 8 ohms you wouldn't know I'm not running my QSC PLX3002 in terms of sound quality.

I just have to bear in mind there's no power on/off speaker protection, not an issue with piezo horns in old 2 x 12 cabs ** laughs out loud **.


Just thought I'd post it on here as a bit of old skool nostalgia :D



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