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MAC 250 Entour - occasional LERR

Ashley R

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I currently have a pair of 250 Entours that are showing up some oddities.


They both, after startup when I strike the lamp for the first time show a LERR. THe Lamp has struck, and the shutters open for about 5 seconds, then LERR shows up, shuts the shutters for about 10 seconds, and then all is well again. And then they run happily for hours and hours with no faults.


Its just on startup, and was wondering if anyone had any pointers as to where I should be looking?





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Seems like one of my entours, most likely one of the above mentioned units, developed a slightly more problematic LERR error fault.


The Lamp was striking fine, but what I noticed was that the 'lamp' indicator was not lighting. - Ended up shining my torch at the sensor, which made the sensor activate.


So pretty much all individual components were working, but just not together.


Ended up taking out the light sensor pcb, re-soldering everything, then re-fitting and bending the sensor so it faced the light beam, and lo and behold it worked!


For some unknown reason the sensor had become less sensitive.?

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