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New Qlab Course in Central London


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Dear Blue Room members,


Hope this isn't in breach of forums rules but we just wanted to alert those of you who might be interested to the fact that we're offering a two-session course in Qlab starting 4th May. The course is taught in central London at City Lit, one of the biggest adult colleges in the UK, and will cover:


- Preparation of Audio for use in Qlab including formats and file types

- Setting up Qlab Audio routing and preferences

- Creating an Audio cue list with music, FX and Foley sounds using Fade and Group cues with the use of manual triggers and automated domino cue types and waiting times.

- Preparation of Video and Still Images for use in Qlab including resolutions and file types

- Setting up Qlab visual routing and surface options

- Adding visual cues to a cue list with Animation cues

- Adding a Camera cue into the cue list

- Incorporating Hot Key and Midi control of Qlab along with an introduction to Qlab control of external devices

- Bundling a finished cue list for easy transfer to ‘show machines’.


Full details here, hope it appeals to some of you!

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