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Very Simple , Idiot proof Message software needed


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I need a VERY SIMPLE software solution that will allow users to :-


1) Type a Simple Message such as "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON"


2) select size and font colour


3) press a button that displays the said message on an external monitor (extended Desktop Windows)


Ideally the message would be displayed in a window that would sit over a video feed from VLC etc ??


Any Suggestions or ideas how this could be done using VLC , or and or any other software.


it needs to be a very simple and idiot proof solution , no trawling through menu`s , settings etc







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Hi Matt


Use Powerpoint and have it display on 2 screens with your Screen/Projector using the Extend Desktop setting on your PC. But make sure that your desktop back ground is set to black.

You can do what you want to the PPT and it will only show when you run the PPT slide show





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Have a look at Screen Money, its free and does what you need and you can even load the video clips into it as well so they could run from Screen Monkey and you wouldn't need to worry about switching to VLC
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You could write something from scratch in a couple of hours with Visual Studio Express, with no experience of the languages / toolkit. If you did know them, it would take minutes to build something like this.


@OP - Visual Studio Express is free - download it and tinker.

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