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Colourforce/blaze 72 hire


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Im looking to hire 44 off of colourforce 72 or colourblaze 72.


I need them in the east london area - delivery sunday 11th may, collection thu 15th may 19:00 onwards.


I've tried the usual sources whitelight/dbn/coloursound/stage electrics/neg earth/prg/AED and currently found 18!


Any help with resourcing these would be much appreciated.



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HSL or Lite Alt?

E2a: Lite alt link, they have both in hire stock according to their website. Thought I'd had some from them in the past.


Hi Pete


I hope all is well.


A few options for you on the Colorforce 72's...


HSL Group, Blitz Communications, Visual Elements, Metro Broadcast & Universal AV Services.


Let me know if you are still having difficulties making up the numbers.


Many thanks





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