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MagicHD Video Tutorial


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Hi, we have created a beginners video tutorial for Chamsys MagicHD.

Check it out at




For those of you that are not aware, MagicHD is use FREE to use in live environments (comes as part of MagicQ PC) full screen without any limitations or watermarking.

Its also available as a standalone software version, free to use if you have MagicQ hardware with encoders on the same network (also bundled with magicQ PC)

And theres a very compact truss mountable hardware version to :)


These are just some of the features:

8 Video Layers (each layer can contain a video and a mask)

1 Text Layer

1 Master output Layer


Alpha channel Support


Each layer has controls for:

Position, scale, rotation, stretch, mirror

Speed, in and out points

RGB Colour mixing

Various blend modes

and various colour effects including:



Key (for green and blue screen removal)



If you haven't already, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Download as part of MagicQ PC from http://www.chamsys.co.uk


Get the tutorial at


As a side note;

We would like to say thank you to everyone at chamsys for allowing people to create; their systems bring people to our industry that are truly talented and without chamsys forward thinking philosophy would never get experience with pro kit, and never get to wow the world with their talents.

Wish I had access to this when I was young, I worked my arse off to buy my first lighting desk, a Pulsar Masterpiece :)

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Rather embarrassingly, being a happy magicQ user for ages - despite seeing the media button, I never realised it did that! Thanks for the video.


Well you will freak out when you learn about the in-built media player part of the stanard pixel mapper!

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