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ETC Element movement speed problem


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I've already posted this on the ETC forum, but so far have had no replies. Anybody else had this problem?


We've just started using some Coemar Prospot 250 LXs with our Element. We're running the most recent version of the software, and using the built-in personality for the Coemars.


The problem we're having is that the 'Position MSpeed' parameter does not get displayed in the Live view, or Blind-Palette view. It is displayed in the moving lights control section, but nowhere else.


What we're trying to do is create a series of palettes to use while busking a show. We've created groups, colour, beam and focus palettes, and are using the direct select screen to access them. What we'd like is to be able to record a few focus palettes where the lamps move slowly into position. We have briefly tried using the Position MSpeed parameter to slow the movement speed, but this does not seem to work. Is this somehow related to the parameter not being displayed? The Coemars do have a movement speed parameter, so I don't understand why it doesn't appear to work.

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A better way to do it would be to sneak the palettes... To move fixture 30 to focus palette 5 over 10 seconds you'd do the following:


30 FocusPalette 5 Sneak 10 Enter


Obvious the channel and palette could be on direct selects, and you could have 'Sneak X Enter' programmed as a macro on a macros direct select set or magic sheet.

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