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Wilkes Theatrical - still going?


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I ordered some S4-PAR barndoors from them in early January (2014). Ashley Woods responded on 14/Jan to say they were out of stock and manufacturing a new batch. Since that date I've had no responses to my queries on when this order will be fulfilled. Has any BR member managed to order from them this year, or have any info if something has happened to the company? Their website is still functioning. Maybe Ashley is even reading this and can let me know!




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Their prices look very good - the gobo holders are half the price of the one's that we've been selling for years and I suspect there may be the issue...


We've had two or three of our suppliers land price increases on us over the last couple of months stating "increased material costs" - it could be that Wilkes are desperately trying to source the materials for your order so they can honour the price you ordered at.

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