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Recommendations for PA hire Nothern Spain


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Hi all.


I have just received an enquiry from a band I occasionally work with (8 piece function type band)who have an event in Spain (just north of Girona)in June.


Don't really want to go to the expense of getting a system driven down from the UK so I'm looking for recommendations of a reliable audio provider who can provide a system for 1 night. Finer requirements can be discussed in due course but will be in the region of a couple of stacks of 2 x 15/18"subs c/w tops ,6 monitor mixes. Desk / mics etc.


Anyone done this before?


Thanks in advance.

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I'm in a similar situation, but more looking for backline equipment hire in Barcelona. It's for a small 4 piece Surf/Rockabilly band who need only a 4-piece drumkit, Fender Guitar Combo and approx. 300W bass amp. It's the bands first time in Europe, doing 20-odd club dates and some small festivals. Looks like Call and Play could be a good option, but if anyone has any other great advice on backline hire, and maybe van/driver combo's, that would be greatly appreciated.

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