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Pilot 150 Stepper Motor?


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Im trying to find a replacement stepper motor for a Pearl River Pilot 150. Been on to Miltec and they have none and arnt getting any more.

The motor is for the tilt and has the model number 42BYGH905. Ive managed to find the spec sheet (My link ) but no supplier.

Can anyone recommend a motor that meets the specs and fits?



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Any 12V size 17 motor would probably be OK. If it has to have those really long screws on you might need to swap them from the original one.


for example this one



If the original has 4 wires and you get one with 6 wires you have to ignore the coil centre taps (often black) - you can find the centre taps by measuring the resistance between all the wires. You will also need to experiment to get the wires in the right order.

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