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soundweb network problems


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Hi all


Have any of you had issues with the networking side of soundweb 9088 units?


There are 2 9088 units and one jelly fish all networked together, its all worked fine for years but now all of a sudden the 2 9088 units can not see each other and are not passing audio between themselfs as they always have. Both units are fine when connected to the laptop but no manner where you connect the laptop you cant see the other units over the network.

Anybody have any ideas why only the networking side might fail?




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I think Josh will probably know the answer better, but if they are next to each other and not going through the switch - do you need a crossover cable or are they standard. . . if you did replace - did you replace with the same type?


Are you seeing any connectivity lights flashing at the port or are they off?

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Older units that don't have Auto MDX sensing on the Ethernet ports will indeed need a crossover if directly connected or a pair of thru cables if going into a Switch.


What are the IP Addresses of the two units if they have such a thing, I'm not overly familiar with the Soundwebs. Check they're in the same range, unique and the Subnets match.


When connected to the laptop, what IP address does the laptop have?



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