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French stage lighting terms and words?


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I am doing a show in France this month and the crew there speak no English, and my French is rubbish, but go to try. Sending off a list of requirements now, and so that I dont make a complete tit of myself with Google Translate, can anyone help out with a few essentials please?


Basic lamp types I have ( although typically for France, they think they can light anything with an ADB PC) So I need to be able to ask for iris, barn doors, floor stands, follow spot, upstage/downstage and other focus calling terms. Do they still refer to left/right as cour and jardin? And what is a cherry picker called?


Much appreciate any help!



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I'm french (and I've worked as a lampie there). So I can try to help :

  • Iris : Iris
  • Barn Doors : Volets (as house shutters)
  • Floor Stand : Support de sol, pied, platine
  • Follow Spot : Poursuite
  • Upstage : Devant de scène, front de scène
  • Downstage : Arrière scène, fond de scène
  • Stage Left : Cour
  • Stage Right : Jardin
  • To Focus : Faire le point, focusser (using propper frenglish) :)

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