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JBL PRX700 series vs Yamaha DXR15?


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Has anyone had an opportunity to hear or compare either the JBL PRX712 or PRX715 and the Yamaha DXR15?

Anyone know how they compare in terms of output, clarity and low end frequency response?

I have worked with the SRX715's with subs - 2 tops and 2 subs more than fill a 300 seat theatre or hall with plenty to spare. lovely clear crisp sound. never used the tops without subs though, so not sure about bass response. I heard the DXR in a shop the other day while helping someone to buy a qu16 and I thought 'oh hello, they sound a bit good. I must check them out...' I would definitely like to hear more of them even if either sets are above my pay grade for a personal purchase.

sorry that's as far as my experience takes me...only half a story. hopefully someone will be along shortly with some proper experience!



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You are talking about passive cabs, srx range. Op is after active comparisons.


The srx715 can be run either passive or active, like other cabs in the series. Running them active makes them come to life IMO



and I always thought they were the same drivers but I looked them up just now, I stand corrected - and am now sitting down in the corner quietly.

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