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Stage Pyrotechnics Course

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This practical, one-day training course in Stage Pyrotechnics, taught by renowned industry veteran Lincoln Parkhouse, provides attendees with an overview of different pyrotechnic devices, their uses and the relevant health and safety. BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® is one of a few approved training centres working with The Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians, which is a UK administered organisation for people working with stage pyrotechnics.


Tutor Lincoln Parkhouse is the Director of JustFX and one of the founding members of the ASP; his knowledge and experience is second to none. Completion of the course will guarantee you membership to The Association, which will enable you to share information and dialogue with other technicians, operators and managers on best practice for using pyrotechnics in stage entertainment.


During the Stage Pyrotechnics training course there will be a number of live device demonstrations as well as lessons in series wiring, risk assessment and flame proofing. The equipment and devices used, demonstrated and viewed during the course will include products from Le Maitre, Skyhigh, Theatrical Pyrotechnics, Wells and LunaTech. As part of the afternoon session participants will be able to put their new skills to the test by setting up and igniting pyrotechnic devices in the safe, controlled surrounds of the LS-Live Studio.


The Studio is a purpose-built 17,664 sq ft production rehearsal arena that is regularly used by high profile artists like Kasabian, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Kylie and Dizzee Rascal.


The day culminates in attendees producing a finale show so expect things to go off with a bang!



For more information and to book a place visit http://www.backstage...technics-course

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