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Hire Behringer X32 Rack or Core?


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I know most sound hire companies have an X32 Full available, but I'm struggling to find anyone with the Rack or Core.


Does anyone know of anywhere that hires these?


The reason I don't want the Full at present (well, actually I do but that's another matter) is the space versus what we currently have.


I'm anticipating hiring the Rack plus S16 costing the same or even more than hiring the Full, but until we can afford to replace our current desks with a Full (at least 12 months away, minimum) I'm stuck with having to hire the Rack, or Core at a push.


Any ideas greatly accepted.



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When and where are you looking to hire one, and for how long ?


I have an application coming up for which the Rack would be ideal - I might be able to pull the purchase forward to accommodate your dates, assuming the price is right...


Hi Derek,

Sorry, missed your reply coming in.

It would be the whole of February. We're a Church/Village Panto in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

I know the X32 full averages at £400 for a month, so I'd be hoping the Rack is less than that - though I'd need an S16 as well, which might take it over?

Let me know whether you think this would work, and prices - PM is fine.

I can't commit until I check prices with producer.



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