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T4/T15 lamps


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Hi All,


I've been asked by a local group to get some replacement lamps for some beautiful Patt. 264's that they have! The strand archive and the wiki here have been very useful but I'm having some trouble correlating the base types to stuff I can actually buy.


Stage Electrics don't have anything that matches the descriptions of the lamps I have but the GY9.5 bases seem to be identical, obviously I don't know if the pin length, separation and base dimensions are the same.


Can anyone tell me what I need to be looking for in the market for these (50 year old??) lights?


All help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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I'm away fro0m home at the moment so can't double check, but if they have the modern lamp holders, then they've probably got the conversion kit fitted so they will take a modern lamp./ The T4/15 were fitted with P28 caps, and were purpose designed to burn cap up. The conversion kit lamps - and I can't remember the class off the top of my head were not meant to burn upside down, but I still have some of these and it never really caused any problems - perhaps less lamp life, but I usually popped more by rough focussing than lifespan start to finish.


Others will put me right, but T11 lamps are the right ones. You can identify the adaptor kit as a lump of aluminium with some extensions that raise the lamp holder up by about 50-60mm or so, as the original T4 lamps were VERY long.


Patt 264 (and the later 764) were unique - hard and soft edge shutters - a brilliant idea that just got lost.


Somebody will pop up and confirm the lamp class, I'm sure!

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