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HDMI adapter query


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I've just got a quick question about the sort of passive HDMI spitter that you can see at http://cpc.farnell.c...p?sku=CS2098641. Does anyone know whether they've got any sort of electronics in them at all? As a result of a complex patching situation, I'm looking to use one of the female connections as the input, with the other female & male connectors being the outputs, and wondered whether this would work.


It's only splitting over very short distances (0.5m), which is why I'm not looking at active splitters.


Any help really appreciated!





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Hi Sam


It's not really possible to passive split a signal like HDMI and expect to get anything receivable on the outputs. A splitter like that almost certainly contains a buffer/splitter chip. You can usually tell because it will get slightly warm when its running.



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