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saran wrap?


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I'm trying to find a saran-like-wrap that I can stretch across a stage, and which does not stick to itself as much as, say, palette wrap.

Ideally something that won't melt too easily, and must be transparent.

Bubble wrap is not really the thing, it must be a uniform saranwrap type of thing...

I know that window insulation uses a type of clear plastic, but I don't know where I might find this in rolls (of 60' ish, ie.18/20m)..

Fireproof would be nice, but not absolutely essential.

Any thoughts anyone?



PS. my apologies for posting this in 2 categories... wasn't sure which was best.

Moderation: Moved here, as double posts aren't allowed

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Is this for a Peppers Ghost "hologram" effect?

No, although I have seen this before and worked on shows with this effect.

It is simply a set piece.




says they can do 14 metres plus on a centrefolded roll


clear safety films are available in 30m rolls




Very interesting, thank you.

I wonder if I can find this in Canada. I'll peruse the net...


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