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X32 Midi on channel fader


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I have a Behringer X32 connected to my mac via the X32 Card USB. My mac is running Qlab.


I use Qlab on the odd radio show that I do and was wondering if its possible to set up a particular channel on the X32 (ch 16 for example) to output a midi message whenever it reaches a particular channel level, so that for instance when channel 16 is pushed up to -5DB a track will start playing within qLab.


If anyone knows if this is possible could you provide me a simple step by step as midi really isn't my thang!


Cheers people.



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I thought someone more knowledgeable than me might reply on this, but seems not.

MIDI on the X32 is still on my "to do list" but as I understand it, if you set the X32 to Remote/MIDI CC (raw) mode the group faders give out MIDI controller messages. It doesn't look like the channel faders are linked to MIDI. So if you push up group fader 1, on the mac you would need to check for MIDI controller 0 going above value 100 (I am guessing at the value)


X32 midi spec is here


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More than that (note: not an x32 owner) when one sets the console into the daw modes, then surely the appropriate controls are daw (ie MIDI) only and no longer undertake their console functions?


Good question, I don't know, the manual is very thin on detail here and I have not tried this yet - only MIDI scene recall.

I would suggest to the OP that you post your question on the Behringer X32 forum, there are a lot of people there doing DAW/MIDI stuff.

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