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Advice on video server for 8 screens


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Hi, I would appreciate some advice on a video system for a venue, I'm not a video expert. The requirement is to host up to 8 individual video streams being sent to devices spread throughout a venue over 2 floors (projectors). Each stream should be capable of piping its own video, presentation or static slide. The video should be in real time so it should sync up with main room visuals (which already has a 3 head letterbox video system for mapping the main stage area).


Questions ....


What are reasonable hardware option to host this on - I imagine some sort of multi output PC? What should I look for to ensure up to 8 feeds can run video simultaneously without problems?


What software options are best suited and relatively straight forward to use. Is there any way of linking up with our chamsys lighting system? We have used Resolume before for video work. Are there remote control options to drop into FOH that could remotely control the server?


What is the best backbone to distribute the video signals over - we currently use VGA for the 3 head system on stage? Some of the cable runs will be 40m or so.


Thanks for your help, Alan.

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What you're probably after is a variety of sources (IE an additional output from whatever media server does your main stage; a powerpoint computer; a DVD player; an xBox; whatever) and all of your destinations (projectors / plasmas etc) plumbed in to a video matrix. The video matrix will allow you to send any input to any output, so that you can route those sources to any projector or screen in the venue using electronic switching. Obviously this also means you can send one source to numerous destinations.


For long distance cable runs, you can send many video formats over Cat5. Lindy make a good variety of Cat5 extender units, for HDMI / DVI / VGA etc. It's also a fairly cheap way to do things as Cat5 cable is inexpensive.

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Hi, is this for the old fire station on Bournemouth? we used to install and VJ in there.


I would need a bit more info, however I'd use:


A mac or if you must a PC based video server, it's all about the software.


What's the video size you want to use? xga or hd?


for 8 outs off 1 machine, it really has to be SD or it'll cost silly money




Is this for pre-set play back or for real time vj style play back

do you need playback effects such as warping and soft-edge?


We can build you a set up no problem

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