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Lighting Desk suggestions


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Hi all.


I mostly do sound but have a small lighting rig consisting of 4X LEDJ Qcolour washes, 4X Acme LED panels and I also use a hazer. My present controller is a Jester 12/24 which only allows me to operate the washes paralleled in pairs and the 4 panels (6X4 channels. The hazer I have to run a separate DMX cable with a small, separate controller.


Bottom line is I need more channels. I love the Jester's ease of use and support I have had from Zero88 (coopers), so would like to stay with them, but I don,t want the size or expense of the Jester 24/48. I would also like to keep the facility of fader operated subs and chases as opposed to button activated. I already have laptop software and interface but don't like it , so that isn't an option. I would also like room for expansion but will not be using moving lights in the foreseeable future.


Any suggestions?

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I'm slightly confused.


You say you like and want to stay with Zero88 but the logical and only upgrade in Zero88 compared to that is the Jester 24/48.


Generally desks like that only come as 12/24, 24/48 ect. So maybe PC based is a better solution like a Chamsys with PC Wing? Is second hand an option, Stage Electrics are selling off their 24/48 Jesters for £700 ex VAT?


Whats your budget and how many channels would you actually like?



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Given the size of your rig, you could consider one of the Stairville desks from Thoman - although you would have to learn a new way of working, you'd find the desks more than up to the job, and they'll leave you plenty of room for future expansion - all at a reasonable price, and with 3 years warranty. This latest addition looks very promising! http://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_dmx_master_3_fx.htm
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Wouldn't the Jester ML warrant a look at? Link here


Physically wider than your existing but with a fixture section to run your LED Washes and the panels - the 12/24 version would still give up to 24 channels of generic control then. Even if you can't see your fixtures in the library then a quick eMail to Jon or Keith would see you sorted with the appropriate fixture definition.

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Take a look at the Jands Stage CL.


Link here


Your scenario is exactly what the CL is designed for. The Stage CL is compact in size with 2 pages of 12 faders. The difference is that you do not need a fader for red and a fader for green etc. Each fixture has its own intensity control on a fader as normal but then you can select the colour using the colour encoders above (or use the colour picker touch screen).


This small desk would also allow you room for expansion (adding an extra 15 fixtures to your existing show in this case) as the Stage CL is actually a 512 channel control desk. ( 24 individually controllable fixtures / groups in total )


Other benefits of the Stage CL include prebuilt FX and templates in addition to a really nice sound to light feature if this is of interest to you.


The console is capable of storing 84 scenes ( submasters )on faders in addition to an additional 4 on buttons with one master fader (perhaps useful for your smoke machine ) Plus you can mix and match playing backyour show live like an old school 2 preset desk using the CL's "Snapshot function".


The video at the link below gives you a much better introduction to what I am trying to explain.


Video here.


If you would like to see the console for yourself or have any questions drop me a message on here or perhaps give me a call.


Best regards



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Option 1 - Buy a bigger Jester. The easiest solution to this problem. There are plenty being sold second hand, as already mentioned. Unfortunately the Jester doesn't seem to have DMX IN... If it did, that could potentially solve your problem - add a cheapo external desk for more faders.


Option 2 - New desk. Something small and easy to use. There are few options, especially if you are on a budget. I think the Jands CL console is the best choice here if the budget will accommodate it.


Consoles (including wings & PC systems) from most lighting manufacturers are going to be out of the question due to them not ticking the simplicity box.



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Thanks for all your replies chaps. I"ve certainly spent some time reading up on your suggestions this afternoon. So far I think the Janks stage CL would be technically the best option, however I cannot justify the price tag at the moment. The Stairville master 3 would be ideal but I don"t think it will allow scenes or chases to be dimmed with a fader (please correct me if I"m wrong) which I find really useful as the Q colours are really bright. I have considered the jester 24/48 and the Jester ML but the width is a problem for me. I also operate it whilst playing with my own band so the rack mount option is useful. I have played with the chamsys software but find the laptop concept too messy and impractical for me.

On the positive side I have discovered my Jester will also operate my hazer via the auxiliary buttons.

It is not likley I will find something that ticks all the boxes but I will keep looking. If I fail I will no doubt need to modify my wish list - or dig deeper in my pocket!

I welcome further suggestions.

Many thanks

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The Stairville master 3 would be ideal but I don"t think it will allow scenes or chases to be dimmed with a fader

Easy option for this is to record a number of scenes at several different brightness levels, choosing the appropriate ones to play back depending on your current situation - however, the desk does allow you to override some recorded settings with a slider level, so you should have some control over levels directly.

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Thanks again chaps for all your suggestions. I"ve bit the bullet and ordered a Janks stage CL from A.C. It seems I will not just be able to drive my LEDs, but the new firmware update will let me operate 24 fixtures. This means I can hold on to my par cans and dimmers for bigger shows.

Cheers. Steve

P.s. Anyone need a Jester 12/24 in a rack case?

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