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A Sunday xfactor final question


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No he was referring to the strobes.... they were Philips SL Nitros.. multi cell LED strobe, very cool indeed...


There is also a competitor to the Elidy called Goldpix by Philippo of Belgium.. its cheaper, really well built and takes the data directly in to each tile by ethernet or DMX instead of external power supplies on the Elidy. I used it recently and its a great product...

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Having now seen both the Elidy and the Goldpix in action during the series I think I prefer the Elidy. We ran the Elidy S (small 5 x 5 tiles for 1 Direction) from DMX and they're nicely designed and neat to wire with XLR4. We ran the Elidy Big (for Killers) straight from ArtNet and they were completely solid - no glitching and picked up the data no problem at all. There were a couple of teething troubles with the Goldpix on ArtNet (although that may have been to do with the desk which had been brought in with them) - so for now the Elidy wins.


One thing to be aware of is that some vendors have Elidy with the v2 software in, and some still have v1 - which has no animation maker. If you're relying on having the animation maker that will cause some disappointment so you'd need to check. The firmware upgrade requires a special serial to DMX lead - which is a little perverse on a fixture with Ethernet built in - so it's not likely to be an on site job.


The Elidy manual is well written, and the mapping process for the Elidy S (where you tell it where you've plugged the individual tiles in) is cute.


Phillips Nitro Strobes are nice - as are the white version of the SGM X-5. Fuzz lights (also on 1D) are - as ever - a complete pain...


Edited to say: There is something really nice about the slightly more uneven and 'dirty' flashing of an Atomic - but the new LED strobes certainly have their place and are great for fast scene changes on't telly.

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