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Strand Galaxy bits wanted


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I'm playing a game of "make the tired old Galaxy 2 nice again" right now, so I'm on the lookout for some bits and bobs - specifically a few fader PCB assemblies. These are the little PCBs with the fader on them, which sit underneath the panels and link to the main PCB via a 3-pin connector - there are 11 of them on a Preset Masters panel, two on a Memory/Output panel, one on an Effects panel, and I believe the same assembly was used on the Studio Playback panel for the fade time controls. The Strand part number is a Ref.1728, also marked as a PCB805.


If your theatre has got an old Galaxy gathering dust in the corner, you know it'll never see the light of day again and you don't mind sacrificing a few bits of it, let me know. Or maybe you've got a few of these assemblies in your 'raven store'? Any leads appreciated!


Along similar lines, if anyone has any hints as to how to stop the fader wheels juddering a bit as they turn, I'd love to hear them! I've swapped a few around, so that the best three on the console are now on the channel control and playback panels, but that means that the three from those panels, which obviously had the heaviest hammering when the desk was still in daily use, have now joined their three friends on the group masters panel, and most of those six feel as though the hub has worn a bit and the rotation isn't as smooth as it was, hence the slight juddering sensation when they're moved quickly ...

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