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LumenRadio SuperNova 3


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Software: LumenRadio SuperNova 3

Art-Net and CRMX wireless RDM control software from LumenRadio


Product page: http://www.lumenradio.com/supernova

Manufacturer's website: http://www.lumenradio.com



Announcement supplied by: Peter

Software release: v.3.0.0

Release date: 11/12/2013


Link: http://www.lumenradio.com/downloads



  • Added Art-Net RDM functionality
  • Added support for USB unlock dongles
  • Added the ability to group devices
  • Added Graph window for monitoring sensors
  • Changed installation method for Mac OS X to use a .pkg file
  • Added confirmation when unlinking wireless devices
  • Improved threading mechanism for RDM polling
  • Added the ability to upgrade CRMX units via Ethernet from within the application
  • Added checking of firmware versions versus current version
  • Added RDM icon to RDM capable nodes & CRMX devices
  • Added specific icon for ProPlex wireless devices
  • Removed DMX control button for devices with 0 footprint

Full details of changes: from http://www.lumenradio.com/updates/supernova/changelog.html


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