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New Futurelight moving heads


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Hi Friends I need some support. I see that Futurelight discontinued all their Robes OEM products so I'd like to ask if the new moving heads are as good as the ones Robe used to make for them.


I got some new PHS 250 and PHW 250 from Futurelight and they are really good for its price. Who is the new OEM ? Can we compare them with Martins Mac 250 / 300 ? If not why not?


Thank you very much.

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well since you ask.


The quality of futurelight products isnt as good since Robe stoped manufacturing them. The FL products are now made by themselves.


The future light product still isnt as good as the equiv Mac.


the best 250w moving spot and wash on the market at the moment is the Robe spot 250xt and the Robe wash 250xt.


Both the mac and futurelight fixtures lack the power in terms of brightness, optics, movement, and other little features.


I have put most 250w spots in the same situations and tested them all the pearl river units came out bottom along with chauvet, the future light, mac came out some where near the middle, and the Robe just stole it.



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As I understand it all futurelight movers are made in china, not that thats a bad thing but just probably means that they are comparable to most other chinese movers.


You mention a newer model, does this unit have specific specifiations that you need or want, maybe there is something on the market with similar specs already with a track record.

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Well done for providing that link to the TML as I can actually tell you quite a lot about it.


This product is badged futurelight.


There is a large manufacturing company in China called Neo-Neon, they mostly make decorative effects, last year they started work on this 250watt moving light. we got a sample of one unit to play with.


After testing it on and off for a few weeks we decided that the quality level was not good enough for the UK market plus it was this factories first moving light, which would almost certainly mean you will have an inexperienced team behind it. If anyone wants to come and have a play with it feel free to call or e-mail


I have found the original report our tech department did on this light here it is


negative remarks:

• new housing has to be designed:

- smaller! moving light seems very large

- lamp must be interchangeable without opening the complete housing

- new housing should at least have a touch of design…

• display + buttons look very cheap and not long lasting: better quality needed.

• Gobo rotation: no smooth rotation possible, starts to shake, perhaps because of rubber band construction

• inner technical design not clean, some cable not properly fixed

• price!!


positive remarks

• feature set ok, gobos + colours ok

• nice zoom

• brightness



Ian kirby



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